Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias fights sarcoma. Doctors say they are powerless

Doctors said they could do nothing more for Ravi Zacharias fighting a sarcoma.

Christian apologist and minister Ravi Zacharias thanked everyone who prays for him and his family. Several chemotherapy courses did not give positive results, his condition worsened, and the doctors released the minister home. Ravi Zacharias asked not to leave him in prayers, according to Christian Megaportal with reference to and In the World.

The famous Christian apologist and advocate of biblical Christianity, Ravi Zaharias, learned about a difficult diagnosis in March this year. Fighting with a rare form of cancer, he underwent several courses of chemotherapy, but his condition continues to worsen. Doctors can no longer do anything for him.

Sarah Davis, daughter and general manager of Zakharias’s international ministry, reported hard Friday: “We just found out that although the tumor in my father’s sacrum was responding to chemotherapy, the condition of the area where the cancer metastasized actually worsened.”

She added: “His oncologist told us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that there are simply no options left for further treatment. From a medical point of view, the doctors did everything in their power. ”

Now the minister’s family is returning home to Atlanta, Davis added, so that “our family can be together as long as the Lord gives us.”

For the first time, an apologist publicly reported the disease in March on his Facebook page. Then he said that he was diagnosed with a tumor on the sacrum, which was identified as sarcoma.

Making this announcement in March, Zaharias said: “We trust the Lord in this and have already received thousands of messages from people from all over the world who pray for me.”

He added: “I believe that it was God who gave my surgeon to detect this tumor.

Marga and I and our whole family are very grateful to you for the constant prayers for the upcoming journey home. We trust the Lord in His plan. Please also pray that God will remove this terrible pain that does not leave me at night. “

Also on his Instagram page, Ravi Zaharias shared photos from the recent 48th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated with his wife. Under this photo, he wrote: “In illness and in health.”

“Our 48th wedding anniversary did not look like the others, but three things remained the same: our love for each other, the gift of family and friends who surround us with kindness, and the unchanging fidelity of our great God,” wrote Zakharias, “Please, support us with your prayers when I fight cancer, and accept our sincere gratitude for your love and friendship. ”

Now the minister’s family is returning home to Atlanta, Davis added, so that “our family can be together as long as the Lord gives us.”