In South Korea, all churches returned to full services

In South Korea, all churches returned to full services, including mega-churches, subject to restrictions on the number of people.

Since April 26, the South Korean government has allowed the churches to conduct full-fledged services with certain restrictions. Despite the fact that the social distance policy in the country has been extended until May 5, the government made an exception to these rules for all religious and sports organizations, Christian Megaportal reports citing The Christian Post.

The Onnuri Church, one of the largest communities in Seoul, with a 3,000-seat building, has returned to services where only 700 people can attend. Everyone will need to register online to “reserve” a place.

Christian Yang Song gene, who visited the Onnuri Church for the first time in two months, explained that it was more convenient and better to attend regular services than to watch online broadcasts.

“I hope our church will set an example for others,” added Han Jin-Gong, a 34-year-old parishioner.

Around the world, a large number of churches have begun to conduct online services to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In the United States, the government plans to gradually relax restrictions on mass gatherings in different states. In Missouri, Bozeman, the Summit Church plans to resume standard worship, albeit adhering to guidelines for social distance.

Community pastor Lance Steves explained that they would set up chairs two meters apart to protect people and provide people with disinfectants.