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A petition published requiring temporary observance of public rules in churches

A Petition is circulated demanding: The restrictions imposed during a state of emergency in Georgia, so that without the principle of choice would apply to everyone.
    The signatories of the petition believe that in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the country, first of all, the rules for meetings in churches and other state institutions should be limited:
  “Based on the new reality, after hearing the statement of the Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church, members of the country’s parliament, the Patriarchate, we urge you:
  To protect the right of citizens to life and of all institutions, without the selective principle, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the provisional rules of public meetings and other safety standards, including a compromise amendment to the holy comunion rule.
  All fundamental freedoms of Georgian citizens remain inviolable.
  To begin work between the Georgian state and the Georgian Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church in order to cancel the concordat, ”the petition says.
  A state of emergency and curfew were declared in the country from March 21 to April 21, although religious services in the Orthodox churches continue.
  As of 18:30 on April 13, 266 laboratory-confirmed cases of a new coronary virus infection were registered in Georgia, 67 of which were cured, and 3 died.