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Cell group

Cell-groups (house churches) GEP church is based on the cell-groups. In every city, town and village, where we start our activity we start cell-groups and develop them. In Gori we have cell-groups in every district of the town. We pay much attention to the cell-groups (home churches), as the first church based on the home churches as the New Testament tells us. Acts2:46 breaking bread from house to house. Apostle Paul also often noticed term “home church” 1Cor. 16:19; Rom.16:5; Phil.1:1-2; for this reason our church pays much attention to the development of cell-group net. We have two kinds of cell-groups with two attributes – 1. territorial and 2. professional, (businessmen’s cell-group, musicians’ cell-group). Cell-group leaders are responsible for their groups, for spiritual feeding of their wards, to provide necessary teaching to all of them, to provide integrity of a pray. The leaders receive a topic for preaching from the pastor of the church every week and speak about it in their cell-groups in language accessible to all, in order that everyone had the correct, healthy doctrine and thinking on Christian questions. 1Cor. 1:10