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Statement of the Georgian Evangelical Alliance 17.04.2020

The Georgian Evangelical Alliance made a statement regarding the events taking place in the country. We offer the text of the statement.
Georgian evangelical churches have demonstrated high civic and Spiritual responsibility by changing the form of worship that directly In accordance with the commandments of the Lord: “love your neighbor as yourself.” 22:39) “Do not tempt the Lord thy God” (Matthew 4: 7).
At the same time, we consider it totally unacceptable, from some religious leaders, on all sides of our true behavior, affixing a label of lack of faith or fear. Accordingly, we declare that the responsibility for the possible mass spread of the epidemic in our country fully rests with all religious figures who did not take into account the threat faced by the country and do not comply with the emergency rules.
We urge the government to enforce the state of emergency it has adopted, to ensure compliance with the rules of the regime for all religions, without any kind discrimination.
We also urge all citizens of Georgia to avoid public places as much as possible – be it temples, houses of worship, or mosques – until the end of the epidemic, because we believe that in this situation only this approach will demonstrate sincere love for God and neighbor.

God bless all Georgia!